Lemurian Grand Tour

This is the Lemurian Cosmos. This calendar tracks the paths that have been laid by Lemurian pioneers. We welcome newcomers who will be warmly greeted and provided with friendly guidance as they re-trace the footsteps of others.

Soulwright arrives on Enchanteur’s Doorstep and stumbles into Lemuria

Enchanteur will not have to turn me into a wombat after all! By George I think I got it! Finally! So come pull up a rocking chair, pour a glass of lemonade or a cup of hot cider and I will spin a small tale…

Once there was a lone wolf who howled to the moon. Night after night, the gentle moon mother smiled upon her. Through the dark nights and the moonlit nights this lone and sometimes lonely wolf sang from the depths of her soul. She joined some packs and left some packs and finally created her own pack – a group of wild wolf women who chose to form a sacred circle in a sacred grove and plumb the depths of their inner wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

The wolf assumed her mantle of Elk Woman – conjurer of the four directions, succulent juicy crone. As Elk Woman – she struggled with her inner warrior archetype and learned many lesssons in humility as she led this group of brave women. Many times she failed as a leader and sometimes she succeeded and always she knew that her calling was to listen to the roaring of the sacred river. Her leadership gifts frightened her – so she often stumbled as she tamed the fear driven inner tyrant and dictator and invited her to transform to a generative adult and empathic leader.

She fasted for a vision and discovered the visual artist of herself. Elk Woman died during her solo fast and with great reverance – was laid to rest high on a ridge in southern Utah. At last, she returned to her people – carrying what is hidden as a gift to others. She began to live her one wild and precious life. She no longer could see any cairns – yet she followed the trail – delving deeper and deeper into the underworld of her. She believed Joseph Campbell when he said that when we follow our “bliss” (our true soul gifts) that invisible hands reach out to support us and doors appear in impenetrable walls. Her belief and perseverance landed her on the doorstep of ENCHANTEUR!

Enchanteur was the mentor she was looking for! Before she knew what was happening – Enchanteur opened the door and she fell through the portal. Listed below are the first tentative steps of her exploration of the magical lands of Lemuria. Each of these were written in response to a verbal prompt and a marvelous drawing at the Enchanteur wordpress blog. As the Lemurian Tour progresses – I will add links to my travels in Lemuria – but now – I need to run off to prepare for my GRAND TOUR Adventure.

Whew! I am so relieved to know I will not wake up tomorrow as a wombat!

  1. Knock, knock
  2. Arriving and Taking Stock
  3. Midnight in the Valley of Oaks
  4. Appeasements for the Keeper of the Mine
  5. Dreams

“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

 “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” – The White Rabbit, “Alice in Wonderland”

The Forest TrailOh so behind – I am only leaving for the portal now. The others are far ahead. I hope I can find my way…

I sling my bag over my shoulder, rather like the Fool about to step off the cliff – innocent, carefree, bright-eyed and brimming with enthusiasum.

I’m not sure where to find my portal, but my path winds on. Through the lush green rainforest I walk. I have a sense that I am in the right place, but where is the portal?

The StrangerThen I spy the stranger. This person is cloaked and hooded from top to toe. I don’t know if it is a man or woman, or even human. The stranger is holding a lantern, very like the Hermit of the Tarot. A pale hand motions for me to follow.

The stranger doesn’t say a word, and neither do I. I follow the cloaked figure for several minutes until, quite suddenly, the figure stops. A finger points ahead to a tree.

Here. The portal is here – I just know it. This tree is hollowed, split, rather like a mother opening her womb to release her babe. I look back at the stranger to say thank you, but the figure has vanished.

I approach the tree, and step inside her gaping mouth. It’s large enough to fit two or three people. Feeling the rough outer lips and the smooth inner cavity, I look up, and see that the hollow runs right up to the top of the tree. I can see the sky.

I pause a moment – I’m not sure how to make this portal “work”. Do I need to “press” a section of the tree to open a door, like in “The Princess Bride”? Will the floor of soil and sticks drop from beneath me, letting me tumble like Alice did? Ooh, I hope the fall won’t be far…

In the end, it’s all much simpler than that. I turn around, to look at the forest path I’ve just come from…and it’s not there. The landscape has changed. Instead of a forest, I come face to face with a field of grass and vivid purple flowers.

I’ve done it – I’m in Lumeria.

blessings from the WiccanGal

Field of Flowers